Business Start-Up

We help you to start your business with following services:

  • Incorporation or registration
  • Minutes book
  • Federal registration number (BN)
  • Provincial registration number (IC)
  • Commodity taxes (Good and Services Tax/GST, Harmonized Sales Tax/HST, Quebec sales Tax/QST)
  • Import / export numbers (if applicable)
  • Deduction at source numbers (federal and provincial)

Consulting Services


From a consistent, accurate and complete set of records, we have the basis for consulting and advising you about your business. Most small business owners need to consult with their trusted advisors regularly regarding almost any facet of their business. We will take the time necessary each month to ensure you get your questions – no matter how complex – answered.

Through our database we can compare your results against industry standards developed from our number of clients. We will help you with the sometimes complex financial details relating almost any decision you have to make to grow your business.

We are in the unique position of understanding your business, your industry and small business. 

Special Projects

We handle special projects Case by Case based on our expertise such as :


  • Adjustment of Deceleration for any prior error and late fillings.
  • Tax planning for  SMEs.
  • Finance transformation
  •  Budget preparation.
  • Cash flow Forecasting   

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